Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions that I have had to answer:

How Many Lessons Will I Need And How Frequently Should They Be?frequently thinking

The most frequent of all questions asked. It depends on how quick you progress and whether you have had any previous experience before. For someone who has had never driven , you will be looking at somewhere in the region of 30 and 45 hours. The DVSA also recommends private practice with a family member or good friend. These total around 22 hours.

The frequency of your lessons should be a minimum of 2 hours per week. You will achieve more in a 2 hour rather than a 1 hour lesson. This should continue until you are close to test standard. Then we can then look to reduce you down to 1 hour.

How Do I Pay For Lessons?

Another frequently asked question. The easiest way to pay is online for either individual lessons or for many lessons in advance. That way you don’t have to worry about carrying cash around with you all the time. Of course, there are some people who do prefer to pay by cash and that is also acceptable.

If you haven’t got the lesson payment when I arrive, then one of two alternatives will happen:

I will  drive you to an ATM for you to withdraw cash. The time taken will be deducted from the total lesson time booked, or

The lesson will not go ahead and you will have to pay for the number of hours you have booked with me when we next meet.

Do you book my Theory and Practical Tests?

Whilst this in not  frequently asked as other questions, it is an extra service that I can offer.

If your course included fees for Theory and Practical tests, I will be booking these on your behalf. I will also only ever use the official website for this purpose so you can relax.

If your course fee was only for driving lessons, you may wish to make your own test bookings. If this is the case, then please make sure you use the official website links as follows:

To Book Your Theory Test Please Click HERE

To Book Your Practical Test Please Click HERE

Please remember to discuss your Practical Test with your Instructor first.

Do you work evenings and weekends?

Let me answer each part in turn:

Evenings – depending on the time of year, it is usually dark by around 4:00pm. Unfortunately, there will be some pupils who are not ready to drive in the dark or even master a new subject. But, night-time driving is also important. So, I will offer these lessons when I think it is appropriate to do so.

Weekends – Pupils with practical tests booked will have priority for lessons at the weekend. I do understand that this maybe the only time that you are free for lessons. Please realise that as your Instructor, I need to spend time with my own family as well. So restricted weekend lessons

Can I Start/Finish My Lesson Somewhere Different?

I usually pick you up from home and drop you back there at the end of your lesson. I can also collect you from school/college, finish at home and vice versa. If you live in Maidstone, please do not expect me to collect you from school/college in Tonbridge!

I am happy to agree changes to the start/finish location. But that must be at least 48 hours before the start of the lesson. Please don’t get into the car and ask me then as refusal can often offend!

I Think I’m Ready To Take My Practical Test?

You will need to cover all the elements of the syllabus and passed every mock test. If this is the case, then you could be right. But, as your Instructor, I will also know when you’re ready.

I will just say this though…………………

I will never be an Instructor that tells you that you are not ready to take your test, just to squeeze more money out of you. I have never worked that way, and I don’t intend to start now.