Learner Driver Insurance

A learner with no experience will need between 30 and 45 hours tuition. Besides learning with your Instructor, the DVSA recommends extra private practice with a family member or good friend. This should be anything up to 22 hours.

This can be a somewhat nervous time for parents (or friends). Having an accident with a new driver can have serious implications on the car owners “no claims bonus”. But, there is now a simple solution to this common problem.

Learner Driver Insurance          Leaner Driver Insurance

I have recently teamed up with the DIA (Driving Instructors Association). They are now able to offer short term learner driver insurance through Admiral. This is a household name when it comes to car insurance. They will also provide a 10% discount off of their usual premiums if you decide to take advantage of one of their policies.

Please ask me for further details during your lessons.

** Terms and Conditions of any learner driver insurance may be imposed by Admiral or the DIA. This may include, but not be limited to, the policyholder’s age and type of vehicle to be insured. This could determine the final premium to be charged.