Lesson Process

 What Happens If I Decide To Take Lessons?

At Titanium, we like to be a little different in our approach to every new pupil we take on board. That’s why we will always endeavour to meet up with you first in the privacy and comfort of your own home. That way, we both get to meet each other before your first lesson. All the pleasantries and introductions are out of the way, and we can focus on the task in hand.

You can ask me as many questions as you like and I will go through the lesson regime with you. You may also like to get your parents involved too, as I’m sure they may have some questions as well.

I will make notes of any further information that is relevant. This will involve seeing Driving Licence details, and running through the Terms & Conditions. I will also bring a copy of these with me for you refer to at any time.

This meeting generally takes no more than about 30 minutes. Depending on the time of year, I may even do a quick eyesight check. This will ensure you can read a number plate at the correct distance.

What Happens On The Day Of My Lesson?

When I call to collect you for your lesson, you will get into the passenger seat. I will then drive to the location where we will be carrying out the lesson for that day. This will always happen until you can prove, that you have the required skills to be able to drive home. This will also need to be under full control. Once you have driven home at the end of a lesson, then there is no real reason why you shouldn’t drive from home at the start of your next one. The quicker you can develop your skills, the quicker you will maximise your time in the driver’s seat.

Learning to drive is broken down into individual lessons and follows a rough pattern across this industry. Each lesson is like a book – it has a beginning, a middle and an end that looks something like this:

Briefing – giving you an idea of what is going to happen

Full Talk-Through – I will tell you what to do and when

Prompted Practice – I will ask you what comes next rather than tell you

Independent – I will let you do it on your own and support you if necessary

We will arrive back at your house about 5 minutes before finishing time. This is so we can review the lesson together. We will the arrange your next lesson and update your progress sheet. This is also your opportunity to ask me any questions about your lesson.