New Drivers

New Drivers

You will be one of many NEW drivers that take to the roads each year. But, it can be difficult to choose a Driving School or Independent, because there are so many available to choose from.

So what sways someone’s decision?

The Instructor’s availability for example. Do they work weekends,  or what type of car have they got….. anything! Therefore, we can , in a lot of cases, narrow it down to 2 main factors:

  1.  Introductory Offers, and
  2.  Price

At the moment, there are no plans to either increase or decrease my hourly lesson rate. It’s excellent value for money and a good price. 

BUT…..As for an Introductory Offer, I am prepared offer you…………….


Terms & Conditions:

  1. You must use this offer with the first hour’s lesson as part of a two-hour session,
  2. Buy at least 10 hours at the standard lesson rate
  3. The offer cannot be taken in conjunction with any other discounts provided. For example, this would mean one of my courses
  4. Payment in full, must be made in advance

The price of this Introductory Offer is:



That is still cheaper than the discount offered on my 10 hour (BRONZE) course.

Fill out your contact details below for more information. Or why not snap up the offer right here and now by and click on the “Buy Now” button below.


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