Refer A Friend Scheme

Refer A Friend

“Refer A Friend” Scheme is a great idea. As a new driver with Titanium, we understand that value for money is important to you as well as excellent driving tuition.

So, we are always looking for ways to try and help you along the way from a financial point of view.

So, as your instructor, I will provide you with some referral forms, similar to the image you can see. You can hand these out to anyone who you think would enjoy lessons with Titanium Driving Academy. I will personalise the forms with your details, plus a unique code that relates to you, and only you.

refer friend scheme

Every person you refer to Titanium Driving Academy that agrees to take lessons, will give you…..

1 Hour “FREE” driving lesson

provided that the referred person has taken a minimum of 10 hours.

So imagine you refer 10 new pupils to Titanium Driving Academy. If each of those pupils has 10 lessons, then you get 10 lessons


This alone would be worth £240.00. The referral scheme could pay for your entire driving tuition.