Video Links

 The video links below are there to assist you as you make progress in your driving lessons.


Even though you’re a confident driver by now, there will be pressure points during your Driving Test. This is because  certain areas  may contain test routes that involve notoriously difficult junctions.  Maidstone and Gillingham are no exception.

First of all, whenever I teach in Gillingham for example, pupils always ask me about the Tesco/Bowater’s roundabout. This is because they have heard bad things about it. To a certain degree, they would be right. It can either make or break a test in that area. Most test routes will incorporate this particular roundabout at the start, or at the end of the test. Consequently, a fair amount of lesson time will be spent covering it in great detail. 4½ years ago, I recorded some videos that show various approaches to the roundabout and how to negotiate it.

If you’re planning on taking your test in Gillingham, please watch the videos as many times as you like. Believe me, they will help.

Video Links Tesco/Bowater’s Roundabout

Further videos covering pressure areas around Maidstone will follow shortly.

In the meantime, would you know what to do if you’re on a driving lesson and one of the emergency services vehicles came into the area? It can be a pretty intimidating situation when it happens for the first time.

Hopefully, the following video will put your mind at ease, so please watch and learn from it